About JJC's Game Design & Development Program

JJC's program offers:

  • Affordable classes that focus on game design, modeling, game development, and script programming
  • The opportunity to learn how to create games to run on computers, the web or on iPhone or Android devices
  • Hands-on learning opportunities with MAYA, UDK, GameMaker, Unity, RPG Maker, and more

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GAME 200 – Game Design (Classroom or Online)
The course will provide introduction to game design, theory, and game programming. Topics include analyzing game genres, gameplay, artificial intelligence, storytelling, level design, and play testing. Students will design and write a simple game and design document, much like what is used in the profession.

How to Get Started

Fill out our form to learn more about the steps you need to take to become a game design and development student. A faculty or staff member will reach out to you shortly in case you have any questions.