About JJC's Web Design, Development & Social Media Program

JJC's program offers:

  • Affordable classes that focus on programming languages, how to create interactive websites and social media strategy
  • Expert professors with real world experience
  • Hands-on learning opportunities with Adobe Master Suite, HTML, SEO optimization, platforms like WordPress and more

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Web Accessibility Program

Earn a web accessibility certificate in as little as three classes! 

  • CIS 201: Web and Document Accessibility
  • CIS 216: HTML & CSS for Web Design
  • CIS 241: Web Compliance, UX & WCAG

Questions? Contact Angela Sullivan at asulliva@jjc.edu.

How to Get Started

Fill out our form to connect with us and learn more about the steps you need to take to become a web design and social media student. A faculty or staff member will reach out to you shortly in case you have any questions