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Fall classes begin Monday, Aug. 22. Fall flex start classes begin Sept. 6, Sept. 19 and Oct. 17.

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Financial Support

  • JJC Eats (Free Food Everyday for All Students)
    • Every student can get two free meals everyday at JJC Food Services on Main Campus. Students can claim their meal tickets at these locations:
      • A-Building:Between Advising & Testing Centers; in Library; by the bathrooms/lower level cafeteria
      • B/C Buildings: Junction between buildings
      • D-Building: OSA Office
      • Bridge: Near H-1016
      • J-Building: Old outpost cafe location
      • S-Building: Near the jjc purple cow
      • T-Building: Across from vending machines
      • U-Building: By the roll-up fire door that connects to T-Building
  • Laptop Borrowing
    • Eligible students in need of technology can apply now to borrow a laptop from JJC. 
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Funds
    • Call (815) 280-1526 (Will County) or (815) 942-0566 (Grundy County) to see if you're eligible or to learn how to apply for funds.
    • WIOA provides career scholarships for tuition and books for those who are:
      • underpaid, under-trained or have been laid off
      • are unemployed or re-entering the workforce
      • are between the ages of 18-24 in need of education or training beyond high school
  • Financial Aid
    • 2021-2022 FAFSA: Apply for financial aid. JJC's federal school code is 001699. 
    • Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid (RISE Act): This alternative application is open to undocumented Illinois residents. 
    • Special Circumstances Income Adjustment form: If you or your parent(s) had a significant reduction in household income due to job loss, death or divorce in the past two years, contact the Financial Aid Office at (815) 280-2528 to discuss if you are eligible for the Special Circumstances Income Adjustment appeal form.
    • Questions? Email
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